Sumo Pune is made up of a diverse mix of fantastic people, although sometimes, some groups are still under-represented. We are working to remove obstacles that can make it difficult for those groups to progress their careers in the games industry. We welcome applications from under-represented people in the gaming industry, including, but not limited to BAME, LGBQT+, women, people with physical disabilities, neurodiversity or mental health issues, and parents or carers.

The experience of establishing and growing a Studio in Pune has been a fantastic journey.  Starting out with a handful people in 2007, the Sumo Pune team is now home to some of the most creative and talented Indian game development professionals. 

The passion to create new and enjoyable game experiences for players runs deep across the art, engineering, design, and QA teams at Sumo Pune. This along with a work and life balance that is equal parts focus, collaboration and fun has now become the team’s culture. 

Sumo Pune has contributed significantly in producing console games on current and next-gen platforms, mobile/smart devices across all genres including first/third action/shooters, Racing, Adventure, Sports etc. Some of our successes include BAFTA Award winning Sackboy: A Big Adventure, Hood: Outlaws & Legends, Hotshot Racing, Forza Horizon series, Crackdown 3, Snake pass and Hitman 2. 

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Ria Nandi sat at her workstation

"I would say if you face any issue while working remotely, talk to your line managers or producer or whoever seems responsible, they are very agile and cooperative and takes initiative to solve your problems"

Ria Nandi, Senior Artist


Learning and development

  • Clear career pathway and personal development
  • Learning and development days provided in addition to annual leave
  • Comprehensive internal learning/social platform 'Dojo'

Main focuses:

  • We work together and support each other
  • We are all listened to, open and transparent communication is key
  • Little to no overtime, we pride ourselves on maintaining a healthy work/life balance

Flexi time policy:

  • Flexi work hour pattern to maintain employee work/life balance
  • Meal vouchers every month to employees in addition to CTC

Relocation stay support:

  • The company provides 7 days hotel accommodation to those who are moving from different cities
  • Additional help and advice regarding properties and areas to live pending family circumstance is also given

Relocation expenses reimbursement:

  • The company provides reasonable relocation expenses reimbursement for those who are moving from different cities

Gym and swimming pool:

  • Corporate rates for ABS Fitness Centre, a fully equipped gym and swimming pool in the Office Building

Group health insurance policy:

  • The company provides a Group Health Insurance policy to all staff, their spouse & 3 children from the date of joining

Gift vouchers:

  • The company provides gift vouchers on different occasions like birthdays, weddings etc

Health and wellbeing:

  • Variety of social events

Holiday entitlement:

  • 21 days holiday entitlement
  • In addition to this, employee is also entitled to 12 further bank holidays

Gaming zone and table tennis:

  • The company provides in house Gaming Zone and Table Tennis table

Term insurance policy:

  • The company provides a term insurance policy to all staff from the date of joining

Gratuity scheme:

  • The company offers gratuity scheme according to provisions of applicable laws

Government pension scheme:

  • The company offers pension scheme according to provisions of applicable laws
Pune joinee, Swapnil Thakur, 3D Artist

"The Sumo team has been exceptionally supportive in these trying times and has gone above and beyond with helping us during the transition to working from home. They have prioritised both our physical and mental health throughout."

Swapnil Thakur, 3D Artist